Say “I do” with Custom Engagement and Wedding Bands

Your love is local and one-of-a-kind, so why shouldn’t your rings be?  At JV Studios, we offer custom designed engagement and wedding bands.

JV Studios is an avid supporter of quality hand made jewelry and independent Canadian makers. So it’s not surprising that we offer the same commitment to quality, hand-made craftsmanship and independent design for our clients who are about to say “I do”. 

All custom work begins with an in-person consultation. If you are ready to book an appointment, send an email to or call at 613.421.9696. But if you still have questions, keep reading as we’ve tried to answer as many as we could think of below. 


The First Time!

Like most “first times”, you may be a little nervous and not sure what to expect when having your bands custom designed. 

At JV Studios, the first thing we’ll do is get to know each other a little and you’ll get to tell us about your wedding plans. It’s the little details that help us understand what you are looking for in your bands.

Then you’ll get to tell our designer all about that special band you will want to wear forever and ever, 

Some clients know exactly what they want and can describe it in detail.  But if words aren’t enough, bring along any images of rings that catch your eye. It doesn’t matter to us if its an old photo, a scribble on a napkin, or an entire Pinterest board. It might not be “the one” for you but we still want to see it. And if you only know what you DON’T want, bring images of those, too.  It will help us hone in on what you really, really, really want.  

Some clients also want to ‘keep-it-in-the-family’ or incorporate gems from heirlooms or inheritance pieces. Bring these precious pieces along to the consultation and we will let you know what we can make. We can also recast a band in its entirety, so, for example, if Na- Na’s ring makes your finger turn green, we can make you a new one with a different metal. 

But don’t fret if you don’t know what you want. We can guide you and go through the process together.

Our first time together will likely take somewhere between 30 to 45 minutes. When you call to book an appointment, we’ll ask you a few questions and then have a better idea of how much time we’ll need together.  

There are no fees or charges associated with the first consultation. It is part of the design process. If you choose us to design your custom bands, future meetings and their duration factor into the final price.  



Making the Commitment

As soon as you make the commitment to have your bands custom designed through JV Studios, your order enters the queue and the process begins.  

During the process, you will likely need to meet with the designer two or three more times to review sketches, samples and moulds. Some of the reviews may be done by email and can reduce the number of times you will need to meet. 

A typical custom band requires anywhere from two to six weeks to make.  

If you are getting out of Dodge or having a shot gun wedding, we offer an expedited process for an additional charge, so custom bands may still be an option.  


What if I get cold feet?

Once details of the plan have been confirmed and your deposit has been paid, the deposit can not be refunded because work on your project has begun.  


Peace, Love, and Ethical stones 

JV Studios only offers ethical stone options to clients. 

We have Canadian diamonds and lab grown stones as well as synthetic options. We can also suggest alternatives to rare gems if conservation is your ethic. Or, we can make something special just for you by up-cycling a quality metal ring, replicating grandma’s ring or repurposing another piece of jewelry from her collection. 

The Path to Custom Wedding Band Bliss

-Book an appointment

-Meet with our designer

-Map out the plan with the designer

-Confirm details of the plan with the designer via emailed description & estimate.*

-Pay a 50% deposit to start the work

-Meet with the designer for the second and third dates to review sketches and models before completion 

-Pick up your custom bands and pay the remaining balance.


*Note: Once you receive your quote, it will be valid for 2 weeks, due to the fluctuating price of gold.

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