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Beech Necklace | HAILEY GERRITS
Beech Necklace | HAILEY GERRITS | JV Studios Boutique

Beech Necklace | HAILEY GERRITS

Minimalist design with lots of style, this long necklace work beautifully for any occasion. 

- Freshwater Pearl
- 14k Gold Vermeil Chain & Pendant 
- Vintage Brass Tassels
- Chain Length: 30"
- Made in Vancouver, Canada
- Designer: Hailey Gerrits


Hailey Gerrits blends vintage brass (sometimes up to 100 year old chains) with hand-cut gemstones. Made in the popular Commercial Drive neighbourhood of Vancouver, it is fitting that these designs are inspired by the vintage culture within the city. These designs are the perfect modern fashion jewellery; bold, effortless, and versatile.