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Figa Necklace | LEAH ALEXANDRA | JV Studios Boutique
Figa Necklace | LEAH ALEXANDRA | JV Studios Boutique

Leah Alexandra | Figa Necklace


The gesture of the thumb protruded between the pointer finger and middle finger has a variety of different meanings dating back nearly 8,000 years. The specific symbolism that gave rise to the charm that we refer to as a Mano Figa originate in Etruscan Italy.

Mano means hand and Figa means fig, a slang term for femininity. In ancient times, it was worn as an incantation to The Goddess, a call for fertility, virility and good times. Because the gesture carries such breadth of meaning, it's easy to imbue it with the significance you choose. 

  • 14k Gold Vermeil Pendant
  • 14k Gold Fill Chain
  • Chain Length: 18" + 2.5" extender
  • Made in Vancouver, Canada
  • Designer: Leah Alexandra